Fresh Talent in Indonesian Music Industry

Fresh Talent in Indonesian Music Industry

Several months ago, we made a contact with a duo that is trying to make their way in Indonesian music industry. The incredible voice of the singer itself is really good, which makes our music producer Hazen Mardial to create a song for her. No contract signed at all, Mardial just loved her voice and made a song for her. Well, it turns out Mardial was right. Now the singer make her own way with new concept, and new song for her. We’ve just made a deal with her.

Her name is Thavita. Yes, a lovely name, beautiful face, and also beautiful voice. Thavita wants to give Indonesian music industry a fresh idea by combining Electronic, Dance, and Pop culture. We want to make something different by using an independent artist approach. True, Electronic, Dance , and Pop is so commercial, and mainstream, but what we want to show is Thavita is not about a one timer which shows on TV and gone after a month. We want to make Thavita a notable artist in Indonesian music industry. With great producer as Mardial we believe we can achieve it.

Right now, we still preparing for her debut single which will be release in a few weeks. Of course the single will be free download so everyone can have it. So, be prepare for this fresh talent, you might love her.


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