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Small Business Tips: Go Open Source

If you’re planning to create a startup company, then finance might be your threats. Computer is the key factor in your business, you are likely to use Windows pre-installed in your PC. But, did you know that that pre-installed Windows might be a pirated Windows? Or you might want to buy an original Windows 8.1? well, that’s good if you have the budget, but on a tight budget you might want to save $99. And remember, that’s just the OS. What if.

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Thavita Recording Session

We’re having a recording session for Thavita’s upcoming single. It took 3 hours to finish the entire song. Now we wait while Mardial finish the entire song. Let’s hope for the best.    

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Fresh Talent in Indonesian Music Industry

Several months ago, we made a contact with a duo that is trying to make their way in Indonesian music industry. The incredible voice of the singer itself is really good, which makes our music producer Hazen Mardial to create a song for her. No contract signed at all, Mardial just loved her voice and made a song for her. Well, it turns out Mardial was right. Now the singer make her own way with new concept, and new song for her..

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